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Parents that make the best puppy

Max the best Bernese 

Max is the kindness dog you will ever meet. His parents come from Europe making for the best lines around. European lines are much healthier and live longer then American line Bernes. I am so excited to have him in my program he adds amazing conformation, personality and health. Anyone that comes to the farm loves him. He is amazing with my kids always wanting a good rub down.  


  • VW- CLEAR 



George Poodle Male

I was not finding what I wanted in a male poodle I need color, disposition, health, and conformation. I was not finding anything so I decided to breed my own litter of poodles and I finally found my George. He has got everything. Looks, color, character I cant wait to see what he produces. 

  • Genetic panel clear thru parents 

  • pending Hips 


Ethel has the kindness heart. She loves everyone and is so willing to please. Not only she is gorgeous but she will pass her great personality on to her puppies. I have been looking for a Moyen poodle for a long time. She is 30 pounds she will put the perfect body shape on her puppies. No short legs and long body with her puppies. 

  • Genetic panel- pending

  • Hips-pending


Ava is the smartest dog I have ever seen. She is also so good with my kids. She will allow them to walk her any where on the leash, its so cute. She also is avid swimmer. She will swim for an hour in my pond.

She has amazing puppies.

Clear on her genetic panel thru paw prints genetics 

Hips- scored great on her Pennhip score 


Alice is a moyen phantom poodle. She is full of character she is a lover and enjoys doing my obstacle course anything to get a treat. Her parents are imported from Europe as well. She will bring longevity and health to her puppies. I have been searching a long time for a poodle that had the deep color she carries along with good health and personality. She will produce medium puppies. 45-64 pounds 

  • Genetic panel pending 

  • hips pending  


This girl has the most unique markings I have seen in a parti poodle. She will have gorgeous red puppies that I cant wait to see. She is the calmest dog I have seen. She is so gentle with my baby, I am so impressed with her. 

  • Genetic panel- clear thru parentage 

  • Hips- pending