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Feeding your puppy the right dog food needs to be a high priority. I personally love Nurti Source grain free and Earth Born grain free. I have never had any problems. I have seen it first hand fix problems from other dog foods.


In choosing your dog food read the ingredients if it says by product or lists grain first that dog food is not high quality. It needs to say chicken, fish, bison and so on. 


I feed my dogs a mixed of dry food w/raw meat and goats milk that I grow here on my homestead.  I believe this is the best diet that I can provide for my dogs. But of course not everyone can do that.  

This is where my pack of dogs sleep and eat. And of course whelping puppies I am pretty excited about it. They will have their own fridge packed full of pig meat and deer.  

Training your dog trains you

Training your Bernedoodle is so important. I am a big believer that you can have the perfect pet if you but the time and dedication into your training. I have never had any problems with my dogs. I have had Siberian husky, german Shepard, Standard poodles, Bernese Mountain, and labs all different but the training stays the same. That is what I share with my future puppy owners family how to have success in your home. I am planning to have a videos made just for you to help make your Bernedoodle the perfect pet. 

I do my part putting the perfect foundation for your puppy its your job to build the walls the roof ect. Any personality of a dog can be trained. I suspect what drew you to the Bernedoodle is the calm and willing nature truly the best family dog willing to go and do anything even watch ever netflix series. But for this to happen you need to set boundaries and rules that you will always follow even tho they are part of your family they are still a dog and needed to be treated as such. All creatures need a purpose in life and the puppies job is to be your companion.  I am huge on training let ME say that again I am huge on TRAINING. I here people having problems with jumping and barking or having anxiety your animals your reflect you as a person if your uptight person so will your dog be, they mirror you. If your insecure guess what your dog will be insecure too. Its a great way to check your personally self to know where your at in life. You help the dog the dog helps you its a great system.I truly believe that God gave us these creatures when we would listen to know one else but them, on who we are and what we need in life. They are our angels.