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First Four Weeks of puppies life 

From zero to four weeks of age they live in my front living room getting use to the going ons of family life. As their eyes open at two weeks they start to get interested in noises and movement. It gets crazy with two boys.  Puppies are not raised on slick floors; I believe being raised on slick floors can cause hip dysplasia. They are raised on blankets , straw, and shavings. 

Socializing your puppy

Four-8 weeks 

This is when the fun begins. I deworm at two weeks four weeks six weeks. They go thru a professional groom at least twice. That includes pads, sanitary, bath, blow out, ears cleaning, and anal glands expressed. Then of course will be brushed and blow dried on a regualry basis to get use to the noise. I start working on sitting, coming, and leash work at 7-8 weeks of age. I also will start getting them use to the crate. That dose not mean they will be crate trained I believe my job is to expose the puppy to everything I can so when it comes time for the transition into home it's not as scary for them. I put that perfect foundation on your puppy. Farm life allows me to do so. Giving them a chance to ran around on 32 acres with mud, sand, puddles, ponds, grass, weeds, gravel and so much more. 

They will see pigs, chickens, cats, cows, horses and my children. They will go on car rides be treated like family. From four to 8 weeks they live in their own dog barn I call it. Its insulated with electricity. With also a run when the weather is permitting. By having the puppies in their own place they learn that they don't need to be around people twenty four seven. The puppies learn that alone time is a good thing. Making for a confident puppy. With short training sessions everyday, morning for a few hours, midday training/exposing, and evening sessions. Consistency is the KEY. Doing this everyday is what makes a great dog not a few times a week EVERYDAY.

If this is how you would like your puppy to be raised feel out my application and we can place a puppy in your home forever. 

I know there are a lot of different methods and studies of how puppies should be raised. Doing lots of tests on each one. But I have come to observe my own method. Having raised many animals. I like to keep things simple and to the point. Creating a balance with handling and letting them experience being in a pack of dogs. They are truly the best teachers, for they know exactly what they need to grow. 
However the Volhard method is very helpful in picking a puppy. Puppies will have this test done at 49 days old and thats when puppy picking will happen. Personality is so very important to have success. Thats why I have both personality and color to make your descion an easy one.