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Moyen&Standard Bernedoodles

I will be adding moyen poodles to my program to bring a much smaller Bernedoodle to those who need a smaller dog.

Moyen poodles range from 17-20 inches in height and 20-35 pounds. I believe this size will bring the perfect size for those seeking it. Bernedoodles Ranging from 40-65 pounds. It wont compromise the integrity of the Bernese still getting that stocky look instead of long body with short legs you can get with breeding a mini poodle.

I believe in breeding only F1's because thats where you get hyber vigor. They make for the healthiest cross along with the best hair. F1's hair does not get matted as quickly as your F1bs and other generations. I know this personally because I have had to shave several dogs that have this coat. From my professional opinion F1's are the superior cross. The 50/50 is the perfect breed. I like to describe F1s are similar to ice cream and chocolate I am not trying to reinvent the two but putting the two together makes for a perfect combination.