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Slidin on Blue Ice

My long waited up and coming Cremello stallion. Will be breeding half drafts, and quarter horses. Plan to breed 2020

Cape is a two year old stallion. His training is coming along I can put both my kids on him with no worries. He has a great mind I am sure he will pass on to his offspring. 

He is AQHA registered 

With Yellow Jersey and Wimpsy Little Step on the top side with Fritz Command and Peppy Bev on the bottom. With breeding like that we will go far together in the ring. 

He is 5 panel negative he also has been color tested when bred to a sorrel he will produce palomino and if bred to bay he will produce buckskin so he guarantees color. 

I have been searching for horse with the pedigree and color to start my breeding program off right. With cape I can produce color with out compromising mind and conformation. I plan to have shire draft crosses with him that I am sure they will be the unicorn of the horse world.