Parasites in Dogs 

There are two parasites that are common in dogs coccidia and giardia. They can be found in most dogs gut and won't show any signs of having such parasite but when stressed it can come out. Change in environment, change in food, weaned or shipped.
Puppies can pick up Giardia by licking water in a puddle licking their feet when we go for walks. It's pretty much everywhere. Birds can bring it in, wild life can bring it in. With that being said I choose not to kennel my dogs by giving them experience to explore the world. I raise my puppies on the farm where they get to experience more then most puppies every experience. So they are exposed to such things. Also as a breeder I try my hardest to keep my puppies free from such parasites but it can come at a risk of over deworming the puppies and ruining their gut for life where they have sensitivity to foods. 
So what do I do? Over deworm my puppies and over sanitize the area where the sanitized solutions that can kill the parasites are also harmful to the puppies. 
I have come to the the conclusion that its way more important that your puppy is allowed to go outside and be socialized and explore and be in a big space where they can run and be free to move their body. I am have come to the conclusion I will do my best to keep the nasty parasite under control but not over due it so your dealing with sensitive stomach issues for the rest of your puppies life. 
In conclusion I will socialize your puppy to the best of my ability. The joys of being on a farm and learning to be a dog is what I take to me more important. Second I will deworm but not at the cost of over doing it to the health of your puppy. 
Here is a link to another breeder that explains about parasites and how to treat them. I wanted to give them the credit.   
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