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Getting to Know your      Bernedoodle


Bernedoodles are loads of fun. They have goofy personality that thrive in the family home. They are very loyal like the Bernese. Always wanting to be part of the family no matter what it is that your doing. Making them easy to train. If your consistent with your puppies potty training and simple commands they will be quick to catch on. The Bernedoodle is an inside dog, but of course loves the outdoors. They want to be part of the family. Bernedoodles are smart, loyal, and caring. Making them ideal for children, elderly and service. This is the breed to have. From the power house of the Bernese and hunting skills of the poodle you get an all around dog. Yes poodles were breed to duck hunt. I explain to people that poodles are the labs of the dog world but with hair. By combining the two breeds you have an extremely versatile dog. Bringing you pulling, family, service, hunting, and outdoor rec. This is the dog to have! This is why I breed them. 

Hair type

Your puppy will have curly hair giving it low to no shedding. The curler the hair the less shedding. If you have allergies this is a great dog to have but please note that with severe allergies you could still be allergic. The Bernedoodle is half hair half fur. Hair you have to cut fur you don't. You will need to groom your dog. Every 8 weeks is recommend put if your consistent with your brushing you can go longer. Bernedoodles will mat. Meaning the hair will start to knot. Not allowing air to reach your dogs skin making red marks, itchiness, irritation, and smell. Please groom your dog. It makes a HUGE affect on their mood and health. I would LOVE to groom your puppy. I am a certified groomer. 


Everyone loves the look of the Bernese Mountain dog. The beautiful markings are striking. I try to give you that thru selective breeding. Making beautiful Tri colors, phantoms, brindle, and sable puppies. Sometimes we have black and white, which are pretty cute to. 


Standard Bernedoodles can range from 45 to 90 pounds. Sometimes its hard to tell exactly how big they will be. But my puppies will range from 50 to 75 pounds.