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Adopt Bernedoodle puppy

Adoption process

Are you interested in adopting one of our pups? Here's what you need to know before adding a furry member to your family....

1. Applying for a puppy

Puppies will be chosen at 7 weeks or after the Aptitude test. First person with the deposit will get first pick and then so on. When you have chosen your puppy the full payment will be due. I will pick one day to call everyone to choose their puppy. Puppies will have full vet exam and have the personality test done, giving you an idea of what puppy will fit best into your home. See pricing here.

2. Choosing your puppy

Pick out your pup on the homestead. Contact me to set up a time to come pick out your pup.

Pick your puppy online. I will send you photos, videos and FaceTime if you would like, so you can make the best choice. You can tell me what you're looking for and I can help you make your selection. You can see the different colors I offer here. Most importantly, the Aptitude test will give you the best idea of what puppy will fit well in your home. Families usually pick between 6-7 weeks old

3. Transporting your puppy

There are four methods of transportation...

Fly your puppy to you. Fife & Wife uses United Airlines PetSafe program where compartments are pressurized in the same manner as passenger cabins to ensure safety and comfort, even to overseas destinations. United Airlines flies out of OKC Airport.

If flying your puppy, remember to prepare the following...

  • Booking and travel accommodations

  • New airline approved dog crate with leash & collar

  • Veterinarian health record and certifications + vaccination report

  • $400.00​ flying fee

Fly to your puppy. If you need to transport your puppy by plane, you can fly to OKC Airport and I can meet you there to give you your puppy at no extra charge.

Pick up at the farm. You can come to my homestead and pick up your puppy. You can see where your puppy is handled and raised. You also can meet the parents.

Flight Nanny. My sister is the flight nanny for me, and her price is $600 for everything. She will take your puppy from me and will fly in cabin with the puppy to your desired destination. 

Tony Delivers. My husband Tony will be traveling back through Utah, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming to deliver puppies to their new families. 

4. Puppy packet

Once your puppy is with you, you will receive what I call my puppy packet.

The puppy packet includes....

  • Vet examination papers

  • De-worming dates 

  • Grooming /Training info that I personally have written for you

  • Social scoring

  • Aptitude test

  • Vet exam and shot records

  • Back dew-claws removed

  • Vet exam and shot records

  • 2 year health guarantee 

  • Puppy food

  • Personalized Leash 

  • Dried deer meat treats (dependent on supply) 

  • Puppy fleece blanket 

  • Special calming roll-on essential oil

  • Water paw by Simply Total Health

  • Trupanion 30 Day Free Health Insurance 

  • NuVet Supplment 

  • Baxter & Bell Training Program

Many of these items are purchased from Simply Total Health. I love these products. Susan has a ton of passion for what she does in canine health. I have found many of these items helpful in transitioning your puppy to his/her new home.  

Want to see the products? 

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