I am a professionally certified groomer that takes pride in my work of making your dog look and feel amazing. Safety is my number one priority. I put the dog first before the style of groom. I can do any style of groom that you would like. You name it, I can do it. I love my job and want to make you and your dog happy!

Grooming includes 

  • high quality shampoo and drying

  • style of groom desired

  • nails clipped

  • anal glands expressed 

  • pads scooped 

  • ears cleaned

  • ear hair pulled


Please note that price varies based on the type of dog, hair type, and shape that your dog is in. Prices start at $28 for small dogs​. Larger dogs depend on coat, coat condition, and weight.

Additional fee if your dog is matted or extremely aggressive.

Shoot me a text, call, or email and I will get back to you. 

Doodle Groom
Goldendoodle with 1/2 inch length poodle face and feet rounded tail. Layered ears.
Short Cocker Spaniel cut
3/4 length poodle cut
Teddy Bear face w/Tipped Ears
Schnauzer cut
Golden Retriever Shaved w/mohawk
Teddy bear face w/tasseled ears
Lamb cut, Teddy Bear face tipped ear
Lo-shed Treatment
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