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Best Bernedoodle puppies around

Fife & Wife puppies

Why adopt from me?

There are a lot of amazing breeders out there. So you're probably thinking, why us?


We breed for quality, not quantity. We're a small-scale breeder that takes pride in providing puppies of excellent temperament and health in a kennel-free environment. We conduct the proper health testing to ensure you have a healthy puppy. Our dogs are raised on the ranch, where they're fed a rich diet of pork and goats milk fresh from our farm. I have Bernese with European lines, producing thick, beautiful puppies. I only raise F1 Standard and Medium dogs, which are half poodle half Bernese, because that is the superior cross. I offer a 2 year health guarantee for the puppies, and lifelong support for my customers. Along with this, we have been rated one of the best Bernedoodle breeders worldwide on and The Dogs Journal.

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