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training berendoodles so their ready for your home

Puppy training

Want a puppy now, but feel like you don't have the time for training, or cleaning up puppy ? Our puppy programs might be right for you.


We have two available training programs: Turnkey and Kindergarten.

 What's Kindergarten  
puppy training? 

A Kindergarten puppy is introduced to basic training before they arrive to their new home. They start with what all puppies need to learn, such as potty training, leash training, crate training, and common commands.

 What's Turnkey
puppy training? 

A Turnkey puppy offers complete training of your puppy. They not only master the basics, but learn other important command and skills that most grown dogs don't even master. Your puppy will be set for life with all the manners needed for a well balanced dog and a peaceful home. 

What both programs offer...

Potty training

The most challenging of all things to teach - taken care of. On average, it takes 18 weeks to for a puppy to be fully potty trained. 

The crate

This contraption can be a scary place for a puppy at first. Our training will teach them to associate it with safety and comfort while you are away. 

The leash

A walk is one of the most important things you can do to connect with your puppy and give them the exercise they need. We will teach them to walk alongside you. 


New experiences and sounds can be hard for timid pups at first, but your puppy will be ready for the wide world with the right kind of interactions. My four kids will love to help!

Sit, stay, come.

And leave it. Your puppy will know the basic commands, and more. 


Puppies tend to be mouthy at a young age. They will gently learn where their teeth should go, and their paws. 

Continued vaccinations & deworming will be part of both programs, along with food, toys, collars, and leashes. 

Note - Turnkey puppies will completely master these areas, and more than listed.  Kindergarten puppies  will be introduced and have most of the basics down, but might need more training when home depending on the puppies personality, since this training program is shorter than Turnkey training. 

Program comparison


6 month course

Specialized and personalized training

Addressing more behavioral issues

6-8 sessions per week

Starting at $18,00


4-8 week course

Firm foundational training established

2-4 trainer sessions weekly

4 week program - $2800

8 week program - $5600

Training application

Training Application

Which training program are you interest in?
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