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we have reviews that show why we are the best bernedoodle around

Fife & Wife Ranch has given many families the pup of their dreams. Don't take my word for it, see for yourself below! 

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happy family with their bernedoodle

"I HIGHLY recommend Bernedoodles and more specifically Bernedoodles from this experienced and caring breeder! Her puppies are so wonderful- they are calm, learn quickly, and SO cute! They make a perfect family dog! Because they are so easy, I think they would be a perfect fit for a first time dog owner. Fife and Wife has done some amazing work bringing these perfect furry friends into the world!" ViviAnne Fischer, Washington State

happy family with their forever puppy

"Paige's dogs are the best EVER. Many of my friends have adopted one. They are so intelligent, yet so calm. And you can't beat that color. I decided to get one of my own. Best decision I could have made." Katie,Washington State

"We have had Nigel for almost three years now. He has been the best dog we have ever owned. He is so loving with such a big personality. We have trained him to shake, high five, play dead, and "give us ten." We are currently working on training him to "be shy." He still loves to learn new things and catches on so quick. We have had two cats in the time that we have had Nigel and he gets along great with them. He is also around little kids often and does so well around them. He is also very friendly with other dogs. He is such a cuddly, laid back dog, which is what we wanted when we were looking to buy a puppy. Paige was so great in suggesting the type of dog we were looking for, which I loved. She had all the puppies color coded by their personality and it was helpful in finding the right dog for us. I love that Nigel is thicker built, and has the calm demeanor of the Bernese yet very playful. I've had people tell me Nigel has more personality than some people haha. I can't wait to create many more memories with Nigel apart of our family." Logan, Utah

"I can’t believe how intelligent this pup is and how fast she learns.  Great personality.

Just a short note to let you know how enjoyable it has been to to bring Darbi, our Bernedoodle into our family.  From the onset, you made it an easy process and picking her out was an absolute delight.  The updated pictures and then the “personality test” sealed the deal.  Darbi has settled in with our 13 year old Labrador and are best friends.  Darbi is an extremely playful and intelligent pup and we are looking forward to many years with her as a companion." Bill Newbry, Genesee Idaho

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