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Howdy! Here you'll find everything horses. I give riding lessons and I buy and sell horses. I hope some day to breed my own to sell. 

Horse Lessons

  • $40 for an hour  

  • $25 for half hour 

I provide the horse or you bring your own. I teach the language of the horse, from basics to advanced. We work on ground work, position of seat, and temperament of the horse, all in the desired discipline.

I compete with reining and cutting ​horses, but have some experience in jumping, barrels, and dressage.  


  • $5 a day for horse care 

  • $25 each time I work with your horse

I take pride in each horse I train and sell. I want a partnership with your horse and respect on the ground and in the saddle.


I have been riding for 15 years, and strive to learn and improve each day. You can never stop learning.


I can give you a great start to do anything you want with your horse, or I might just have the horse for you.


Breeding Stallion

Slidin on Blue Ice

Purebred Quarter Horse

Age: 4

My long awaited upcoming Cremello stallion. My vision is breeding half drafts and quarter horses.

Plan to breed 2020

Lookin' for a horse?