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the best half drafts and shiresport horses

Horse Sales/Premier Half Drafts

Here you'll find everything horses. We have some stellar half draft babies hitting the ground. From both outstanding stallions we have here. This has been long awaited for our breeding program come together. We will be offering premium half draft horses. 

Stud Services 

  • Quarter Stallion 850 Live cover only 

  • SHIRE Stallion breeding fee 1000  Live cover only .


Mare Care  

  • $15 a day for horse care

Why choose a half draft from Fife and Wife Ranch. Great question, with combined experience of 30 years my husband and I have put together a great program. We use our Shire stallion for what he is bred for, pulling. He is a proven Sire. Why the shire draft? They have gentle minds with a great work ethic, not only are their minds wonderful but they will put bone on to your baby. But at the same time will add elegance and fine movement. Where some half drafts have no withers and are too much like riding a barrel. Also with their unique markings each horse will have different characteristics that stand out from the rest.  

Our quarter horse stallion has one of the best minds I have been around. He is a gentle kind stallion. His babies are simple and easy to train, you can get on their backs with in a couple of days of starting the training process. Not only does he put great minds he is 5 panel clear, color genetics to give you guarantee color to your baby along with conformation. I dont know about you but I love those loud colors. 

I watied along time for the right stallion. He needed to have it all. So when I go searching for mares I don't have to pass up a stellar mare for not being the right color I can choose all the sorrel and bay mares I want. 




Breeding Stallion

Slidin on Blue Ice

Purebred Quarter Horse Peppy San, Wimpsylittlestep, Nu Chex to Cash,Peppy Bev, Fritz Command on his papers

Age: 7

My long awaited Cremello stallion. My vision is breeding half drafts and quarter horses.

Guarantee buckskin, smoky black, and palomino babies 

5 panel negative 

cremello stallion with yellow jersey wimpsylittlestep


Registered Shire Horse Association 

Color: E/E a/a W20/W20
6 Panel Clear

Age: 5

Description: Gus is outstanding horse. He has won ribbons in the show pen along with putting up our hay. He has a gentle soul that will always greet you at the gate. He is so gentle my 8 year old can lead him up to a mare to be bred. You guys that is one outstanding stallion. 

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