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These are some of the products I have tested tried and true, and recommend for your puppy. The "Purchase" button will take you to the website where you can buy the item, if you are interested.

pawtree turkey sweet puppy food.png

I highly recommend pawTree. I have tried different brands for 6 years and this one is the winner. My dogs have amazing coats and great health. Please buy at least two 30 lb. bags so the transition for your puppy is much smoother. If you stick with this food you will have less vet visits or none.


snuggle puppy.jpg

I have had several families use this and it works wonders with a new puppy getting use to their new home. It reminds them of their litter mates. Puppies love sleeping on each other, this will help greatly with the transition. 

slicker brush.jpg

This slicker brush is my go-to for every hair type.

Note: make sure you select the erg slicker brush large.

metal brush.jpg

This comb is my mat checker. Run this through the coat to catch any hiding mats.

nail clippers .jpg

Easy to use good quality clippers. 


I love this shampoo. I use it on all my dogs that I professionally groom, especially those with sensitive skin. 


I recommend this blow dryer if you're going to groom your dog at home, or if your dog loves to play in the snow. It makes it easy to dry off when coming back inside. 

pet carrier.jpg

You will need this carrier to fly with on the plane.


I love this kennel. I use it for my own dogs, goats, chickens, and pigs, as well as dogs that I groom. 

slip leash.jpg

I like slip leashes the best. The dog learns to respect your hand along with rewarding him when he does it right by loosening. 

dog bed.jpg

Who doesn't want a nice bed to sleep on? This one is comfy and affordable. 

Is a healthy treat you give your puppy everyday to maintain their health. Builds their immune system and much more. If you know anything about my breeding program you know what you feed your pet is the number one priority. 



I have been looking for a high quality supplement for a long time. NuVet contacted me wanting to try their product to see what I thought. It took me a year of testing and trying to make sure this was the right product for me, but also for my new puppy owners. Their customer service is awesome along with their product. I highly recommend this supplement for the rest of your puppies life. 

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