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I have selected these products because I know they work.

I love this dog food. It's the best I have ever found and I have tried many many foods. My dogs have amazing coats and great teeth. I highly recommend Nutri Source. Please buy at least one bag so the transition for your puppy is much smoother. 

This slicker brush is my go to for every hair type. 

This comb is my matt checker. You run this thru the coat it will catch any matt hiding.

Easy to use good quality clippers. 

I love this shampoo. I use it on all my dogs that I professionally groom, especially with sensitive dogs. 

I use this to pull ear hair out, works very slick. This is a powder.






Pro Ear is a liquid I use to clean the dogs ear

I recommend this blow dryer if you're going to groom your dog at home. Or if your dog loves to play in the snow, makes it easy to dry off when coming back inside. 

You will need this carrier to fly with on the plane.

I love this kennel. I use it for my own dogs, goats, chickens, pigs and dogs that I groom. 

I like slip leashes the best. The dog learns to respect your hand along with rewarding him when he does it right by loosening. 

Who doesn't want a nice bed to sleep on :) 

Simply Health Treat

I love these products they go home with each puppy. Susan wants to help you maintains your puppies health. She has a ton of passion for what she does.  

Welcome to Simply Total Heath e-pets. I'm a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner with a love for animals. I have a desire to make each life better, no matter how many feet or paws. I have developed a product line to potentially benefit health and well being. From decreased pain, to increased calming, and improved immune system, that is my goal. One step at a time, surprising things are ahead. Thank you for visiting my page. This is going to be exciting. I LOVE sharing stories. If you know a rescue, a shelter, anyone who fosters and deserves a shout out let me know. If you know breeders who would be willing to add more to their puppy families health, let me know! For a little about me, check the website.

Coming soon: Pet compatible product page