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raise bernedoodle puppies and half draft horses

Meet the family 

tony the back bone to our ranch

My handy man. I come up with a plan, he figures out a way to do it. I sure love him!

raising bernedoodle for 10 years plus

My passion is to train horses and breed quality dogs. I love these great animals and the great outdoors!

raising kids with puppies are both for best sides
My four kids

I have three beautiful boys and a little girl. They love life on the ranch. 

How it all began...

Hello, my name is Paige Fife. I married my wonderful husband, Tony Fife, in August 2011, and that's where our adventure started. We both love animals, and knew that we wanted them to be a huge part of our life. I always wanted a Bernese Mountain dog as a little girl, so after only a few months of being married, we started our search for a Bernese. We found him: his name is Baloo! And man, do we love him. He's everything we could ever want in a dog. He's beautiful, extremely loyal, loves everyone, and enjoys going on trail rides. We get compliments about him everywhere we go, and why wouldn't we! He's so cute :)


Our adventures didn't stop there. I grew up competing with horses in cow horse competitions, and my love of horses only grew over the years. When Tony and I got married, I started teaching horse riding lessons, which improved my skills in training, and selling horses.


As time went on, Tony was on his way to becoming an Ag teacher, and I became a certified dog groomer. I fell in love with poodles. That's the dog to help your creativity and skills improve. After a few bumps along the way, we found the perfect poodle for our home. Raven is her name, and man she is full of fun, just what we needed. Then we had the bright idea to breed our Bernese and our poodle together, and our first Bernedoodle was born! 


Then, before we knew it, Tony was accepting a job in Troy, Idaho. So here we were in our 700ft log cabin with 32 rolling acres to roam and two exceptional little boys keeping me on my toes.

We have now upgraded from our little farm to a 250 acre ranch in Macomb, Oklahoma. This was a big move for our family and animals, but now there's more room for the dogs to roam. I run them through forest trails on my dirt bike daily to give them the proper exercise they need. We will be building a bigger facility for our animals to give them the best care possible. We are so excited for this new adventure. 


As we homestead and find new ways to make our place ours, it's all in hopes that we can raise our kids to love and respect animals and the nature around us. They will explore their imaginations with sticks and mud, know what hard work is, and where your food really comes from. That's what we're about on Fife & Wife Ranch, creating a balance with our creatures and the land we steward. 

My main focus is breeding Bernedoodles. Our life revolves around them. Everything we do is to make happy, healthy puppies. We raise our own pigs to feed our dogs, and milk two goats twice a day to mix with their food. I hope to get more chickens to also mix eggs in with their food, along with honey. Those will be our next projects: chickens and honey bees.

Our services

My whole goal is to have a great partnership with my animals, be that horses, dogs, goats, chickens—it doesn't matter. My animals mean the world to me, and I want to share them with you, and provide you with the best Bernedoodle around. 

I chose to live life on a homestead because I wanted to get back to our roots. Learn how to work with our hands, from milking, cheese making, permaculture, riding, raising meat, gardening, bee keeping, child raising, puppy raising, wood working, leather working, canning, and working the land by horse. All of it.

Raising your furry baby on my homestead gives them the best start to their life. They will learn to be a dog: seeing, smelling, and hearing all sorts of things to give them a well balanced beginning.

Look forward to hearing from you!


Paige Fife

Hi i am Paige Fife we raise bernedoodle puppies and half draft
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I provide professional grooming for an affordable price!

Puppy Information

Quality care goes into raising your puppy. Learn all you need to know about our bernedoodles.

Horse Sales

I train horses, too. From the two year old to the problem horse. Breeding program is in the works.

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