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With Fife & Wife Bernedoodles gaining in popularity, a waitlist had to be created. I can not guarantee when I will have puppies available, mother nature is in control here. Sometimes females don't get pregnant, and sometimes I don't have as many puppies as expected.

Fill out the application and deposit to get on the waitlist!

Note - Deposit is non-refundable. By law if I give one person back their deposit, I must give everyones deposit back.

we have available puppies
Upcoming litter:

But learn more about the parents here

Want first choice?

For families privacy, I have decided to keep the waitlist private. Please contact me if you would like to know where you are on the list. We are currently taking applications for puppies. We are currently taking applications for puppies for the 2024 year. We will have several standards and medium puppies. 

we have puppies available
Want to see current litters?
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