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Horse Clinic
Location: Logan Utah
When: May 3-4

Friday/Sat May 3-4

Morning: 9am-11

Morning Session: Connection with your horse.

Price: $75 for each session

Description: This session will be all about connecting with your horse. Working on being on the same page. Trying to understand the signs your horse gives you. 

Friday/ Sat 3-4

Afternoon Session: Tips & Tricks

Time: 2pm-4

Price: $75 for each session

Description: We will be learning different maneuvers or excsercies to teach your horse to better respond to your ques.  
Hi I am Paige Fife, I have been working with horses since I was 12 years old. I started team penning/sorting. Such a fun world. Going thru high school I started colts for clients. Along with working with a two year old cow horse trainer in Idaho for several years. That's when my level of learning took off. Then I got married and started working with my Husbund on horses. We would take unhandled horses train them then sell them for a profit trying to make our way into the world. I competed in the cow horse world from 14-19 years old . I was the Lewiston Utah Rodeo Queen . Was part of USU equine team. Winning several ribbons in the ring. I am no stranger to the cutting pen winning  several buckles on my stallion.  I have attended several clinics trying to expand my knowledge in the horse world. I enjoy riding English, classical dressage, really helps to have a well round horse. I had the opportunity to spend some time in Texas with the Dawsons and their training program. Learning to be competitive in the cow horse industry. 

My Husbund and I continue to train and breed High quality draft crosss.  We pride ourselves in making safe quiet horses that everyone can enjoy. We put soft feel on the horses, building trust and relationship. Taking the time it takes to make your next best friend. I love breeding and putting genetics together to make that unicorn type horse. Brains, conformation, athletic ability, and Beauty. 
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