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Welcome to Fife & Wife Ranch

Welcome to Fife & Wife Ranch. Here on the homestead, you'll find all the components for training solid horses and raising our renowned Bernedoodle puppiesWhat better place to raise puppies than on a farm? They have 250 acres to roam, livestock to smell, and fresh meat (that I raise) to help them grow. As a small breeder, I give each of my litters and clients special care.

Healthy bloodlines, nutrition, and socialization are my top priorities. Matching beautiful, healthy puppies with the right families is the outcome. We are featured as one of the best bernedoodle breeders worldwide. You can check it out on and The Dog's Journal. 

We look forward to hearing from you. 




Paige Fife

Want to learn more about Fife & Wife Bernedoodles?

Watch this video to learn how our puppies are raised and cared for on the homestead, preparing them to be the loyal, well-rounded dogs they are.

merle tri bernedoodle

Paige's dogs are the best EVER. Many of my friends have adopted one. They are so intelligent, yet so calm. And you can't beat that color. 

Katie Malberg, Washington State

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